What are different modes of communication?

You can communicate with us through the following channels.

  • Call
  • Email
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp

Are there different Saftech MLM Software packages available for customers?

Saftech MLM software has two MLM software packages 1. Basic and 2. Custom package. The system can be easily switched between Basic to Custom as per your needs.

How do I purchase the Saftech MLM Software?

You can buy the Saftech MLM software by submitting the Contact form or send an email to sales@saftechmlmsoftware.com. Send us details about your compensation plan.

Within 24 hours, you will receive a detailed quotation. You can confirm the quotation and pay payment.

What if I want to add more features to the package after I have purchased it?

Yes, Saftech MLM Software supports all new technology and feature upgrades at any stage. We will upgrade your package during project development, or after deployment.

Are there monthly fees to be paid after we purchase your package?

After purchasing our system, there is no monthly fee. Saftech MLM Software is white-labelled and offers complete customization.

Does Saftech MLM Software allow me to try the software before I buy it?

Yes, you can always check out our MLM Software Demo in our website, depending on the plan you choose. Register for custom MLM software and try the MLM Software Demo.

Do you offer installation and support?

Yes, we offer installation and support.

Can you add more features later?

Yes, it's possible. Additional features may incur additional costs.

What are the MLM plans for Saftech MLM Software?

The package currently includes approximately 10 different compensation plans. We support multi-plan integration (hybrid plans) and have successfully completed more than 100 hybrid plans.

Here's a list of the most popular Saftech MLM plans:

Have you got a basic plan demo?

Yes, a dedicated MLM Software demo is available for popular compensation plans and here is the demo link: http://www.saftechmlmsoftware.com/MLM-Software-Demo.html

How can confidentiality be guaranteed?

Based on mutually agreed clauses, we sign NDA/ Confidentiality agreements. All information pertaining to clients will be kept secret.

Can we sell products through this software?

Yes. You can integrate E-commerce and MLM software to add products and sell via the shopping cart system. The E-commerce back-office allows you to view the orders and update the status.

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