Most common and utmost favorite and first choice of any MLM organization. One can easily manage this sort of plan as its more sounds like a hazel free MLM Plan.

  • Clean and simple MLM Plan
  • Easy Management
  • No limits of leg management


What are different mediums of communication?

You can communicate with us through the following channels.

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Skype
  • Instant Messenger Chat

Does Saftect MLM software offer different packages for their customers?

Yes, Saftect MLM software offers two standard features for startups and enterprise businesses. You can easily switch or migrate between the system as per your requirements.

How can I buy the Saftect MLM software?

You can buy the Saftect MLM software by submitting the Contact form or send an email to in with details of your compensation plan. You will get response with detail quotation with in 24 hour. After confirming the quotation, you can pay the payment via International bank /wired transfer, Western Union Money Transfer, online payment through our payment gateway.

Can we add new features after buying the package?

Yes, Saftech MLM software supports any new technology or feature upgrades at any stage. We are happy to upgrade the package upon request from our customers during the project development or even after the deployment time.

Do we have to pay monthly fees after buying your package?

No, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee after buying our system. Saftech MLM software is a white-labeled MLM system developed with complete customization options.

Can I try demo before ordering the software ?

Yes, you can always take a look at our MLM Software demo in our site, based upon the plan you want. Try out MLM Software Demo and Register to try custom MLM software.

Do you provide installation and support?

Yes, we do provide installation and support

Is it possible to add new Features later?

Yes, it is possible but cost is applicable for additional features

What are the technologies used in your system?

We have developed in technologies like Django(Python), NodeJS, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL

What are the compensation plans available in Saftech MLM software?

At present, about 15 compensation plans are available with the package. We also support multi-plan integration (hybrid plan) and have completed 100+ hybrid plans until now. Here is the list of popular plans available in Saftech MLM software:

Do you have any basic plan demo to check for?

Yes, a dedicated MLM Software demo is available for popular compensation plans and here is the demo link:

How can you assure confidentiality?

We sign NDA and Confidentiality agreement based on mutually agreed clauses. All details pertaining to the client will be kept confidential.

Can we sell products through this software?

Yes, by integrating E-commerce with MLM software you can add products and sell through the shopping cart system. From the E-commerce backoffice, can see the orders and also can update the order status.

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